Over 30 years of competition


Ingrid began her athletic career as a gymnast at the local YMCA before she was 2 years old! She competed for the YMCA, Illinois Gymnastics Institute, and finally the College of William and Mary - where she earned a BBA in Marketing.

Her love of movement and strength began in those early years as a gymnast. She was fortunate to have a coach that included a significant amount of strength work - mostly bodyweight - into their practices.  

At 8 years old, Ingrid performed 252 push ups and could walk the perimeter of the gym on her hands! This consistent training built a foundation of strength that enabled her to excel in many arenas beyond gymnastics.

After her gymnastics career ended (since you're over the hill at 21!), Ingrid found olympic weightlifting. She had become a strength coach, and took a USAW coaching course.  Her performance during the hands-on portion of the course encouraged her begin competing in weightlifting.

Ingrid qualified for the American Open and the US National Championships within her first couple of meets - just a couple months after starting to train for weightlifting!

After medalling at multiple National Championships, she eventually won her first National weightlifting title at the 2009 National Championships in Chicago and won the Americn Open twice.

Highlights of Ingrid's weightlfting career:

  • 2004 and 2008 Olympic Trials competitor
  • 2009 US National Champion, 75 kilo class
  • 2001 and 2007 World Team Trials competitor
  • American Open Champion, 69 kilo class 2007, 75 kilo class 2006
  • National Championship competitor 2001-2009
  • Silver medal 2006, 2007
  • Bronze medal 2008
  • Gold medal in the snatch 2003
  • Personal records: Snatch 93 kilos, Clean & jerk 111 kilos
Bobsled Nationals '09 a.JPG

In 2002, Ingrid was recruited to try out for the US Bobsled team when two of the coaches noticed her lifting during the expo at the NSCA Convention.

Her first season, she won the combine and the National Push Championships and went on to have an enjoyable and successful bobsled career - competing for the US throughout many World Cup seasons, including serving as an alternate for the 2010 Olympic Team. Ingrid finally retired from bobsled in 2013 - though she's always looking to try new things!

Highlights of Ingrid's bbsled career:

  • Alternate to the 2010 Olympic team
  • One of 6 US brakemen considered for the 2006 Olympic team
  • World Championship team member
  • World Cup team member
  • Set track record in Lake Placid with driver Sara Sprung 2005
  • Named co-athlete of the month at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center, February 2005
  • Set a women's bobsled vertical jump record in 2003 with a jump of 31.9"

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